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Research - Teaching - Action
"Empowerment and Gender"
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Research-Action Program

Established since 2009, this program aims to give effect to fundamental and statutory rights of our female members while promoting the measures taken by international institutions in their favor, since governments are introduced in southern countries.

The advantage of Research-Action is that also all the inhabitants of the surrounding urban communities and regions benefit indirectly through our programs thanks to "training the trainers" of female leadership.

RESO-Femmes staff in Geneva

It deals with form poles of experimental network on the ground that give rise to leading education enjoyed by our members.

This is achieved by:

  • training which raises awareness and inform on actions to to be taken to their common and their communities and aim to go beyond all local folds,

  • techniques and tools for participation that help in their activism, with regard to the rights of application of the conventions made in their favor and that re-actualize them to global objectives and humanist philosophy,

  • concrete actions to ensure their democratic right of access to structural resources, such as organizing centers of transformation that form for more solidarity and management of production and the transnational distribution of their products,

  • coaching sessions and implementation of situations, to undertake attitudes and behaviors that increase thier value, make them aware of the issues, bypassing stereotypes and dominations and guaranteeing their autonomy,

  • a philosophy and pre-existing ideology of fight against poverty common to the MDGs, which gives rise to specific tools and debate that anthropology of globalization can mobilize.

    Recently, from our headquarters, we also organise centers of expertise and we train researchers-experts that receive a professional and scientific education from our International Institute of Anthropology of Globalization in Geneva , IIAG, newly formed.

    The project RESO-Femmes is the first Research-Action project which leads in parallel research from international organizations based in Geneva, training for the implementation of effective tools to fight against poverty, social and political action to change behavior and improve concretely situation of women.

    This is putting into practice by innovative programs that the organization carries out independently, with his groups since 2006 and that result in the carrying-out of 5 modules-canevas.

    These programs, originally built with few resources, have prevented institutional interference in this initial phase and get some leeway that respond closer to the needs of beneficiaries and social realities.

    Built on the long term from a scientific work, today they structure the realities of African countries and try to respond to urgent needs and survival of populations in their daily lives and to provide sustainable support to generational imbalances.

    Our programs are able now to build networks seeking cooperation partners as much as international aid in the context of the MDGs. Women's networks and their specific needs oblige them gradually to unite and make their actions consistent.

    Seminars and conferences promote interdisciplinary debate and seek from the Institute (training and expertise) to provide a reflection pointed to expected reforms in the political transitions of the South. They can anticipate partnership contradictions and avoid that the concerned people suffer, especially women, so that better resources finally reach them.

    This action research responds to an overall coherence and can build together with our partners:

  • possible solutions to local problems of women,

  • to support international institutions and cooperation to better understand the realities and contadictions of contemporary African democracies,

  • to follow up, to give continuity and flexibility to our actions, whatever the political, whatever social and cultural situation southern countries is crossing,

  • to guarantee economic, social and political investiments of all our partners by adopting a policy of getting around, flexibility and innovation that overcomes the difficulties and that our anthropological knowledge can anticipate.

    In 2012, at the opening of six regions complementary to our pilot project in Mopti, the project will become a program of both Europe and UN. It will consist of a diverse network of partners who share our ethics and humanitarian and humanistic philosophy.

    Rather than lingering to develop new structures for development, our research-action tasks to remedy systematically the specific difficulties of women in the south and north and to report to influence legislation and global decisions when they are not in line with the daily realities of women in the south ; (ethnographic return builds our next module "Empowerment & Employment" in Geneva, while providing new reflections to the modern and Enlightenment philosophy).

    ©RESO-femmes/research LAIOS-IIAC President of RESO-Femmes International
  • © copyright RESO-Femmes, 2010

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