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"Empowerment and Gender"
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Action strategies

The goal of the Association consists in backing our local contacts, a network of associations of women and women from Mopti (North-Eastern Mali), as well as other West-African associations who wish to gather in the same way in an action and advocacy network in order to defend their own strategic interests and their access to resources.

The strategies of the Association consist in creating:

  • Training programs that directly address the (political) civic concerns of the local contacts regarding the reforms linked to decentralization;

  • Economic and social support structures for the associations;

  • An international network which progressively integrates all the regions defending the same goals of training and action.

Political Principles

  • Encourage and support the participation of the national leaders and coordinators of the programs of the Association to international events taking place in Geneva.

  • Give greater visibility to their activities (presentation on our website) and help their access to the projects and financial backers (headquarters' international visibility).

  • Create interaction and knowledge sharing networks on themes pertaining to the status of women and global dynamics, debating these with a participative and civic outlook (interdisciplinary and inter-professional, in direct collaboration with international organizations in Geneva).

  • Create archives as well as research networks on the issue of the contemporary participation of women by hosting and centralizing a database on conflict prevention, female leadership, systems of domination, hierarchies, transnational movements and networks, etc.

  • Spread information and reflexion through articles, publications on our involvement and experience in the field (expertise) regarding the issue of the political participation of women.

  • Encourage and stimulate information and communication exchanges between partners from the North and the South and different schools and disciplines.

  • Create processes of dialogue between the political and the religious (by means of historical archives in Timbuktu, pole of Islamic pre-colonial movements).

Principles of the Programme

  • Offer proximity training modules through the creation of training canevas and didactic materials in collaboration with partners of the Association.

  • Inform and train women to the management techniques of local communities with the help of trainers and technical as well as academic student teams of the "training of trainers" program of the Association.

  • Create information and communication platforms with local decision-makers to promote the women's creativity and their professional integration (in keeping with the "gender and empowerment" training).

  • Provide institutional support to local male and female elected representatives, leaders of the civil society and the private sector, who ask for our expertise concerning decentralization.

  • Prepare the women's associations to the various awareness campaigns.

  • Organize workshops, symposiums and seminars on the stakes of the political participation of women and of decentralization.

  • Facilitate the progressive access to autonomy of women for a better realization of their political and professional role.

  • Train trainers to strengthen female leadership with the creation of an international network of geographically mobile trainers.

  • Provide the women's associations with the tools necessary to a better management and planning of their activities through our public/private partners' network.

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